Five events that are better with a classic car rental

Whether it’s a once in a lifetime event like a wedding or prom night, or an annual celebration for someone — birthdays, anniversaries, Father’s Day — special events are a time for all of us to slow down and appreciate each other a little bit more than usual. A classic car rental from DriveShare makes one of the best gift ideas for any of these events, and it’s just the thing for anyone who wants to go above and beyond a standard stretch limo rental.

How do I find the best wedding car decorations for my classic car?

Picture it: There you are, standing in front of a church or a courthouse on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. The newlyweds burst through the doors with huge grins on their faces, and their guests erupt into applause. The happy couple runs, hand in hand, to a beautiful classic car adorned with flowers, cans, crepe paper […]