Celebrating November’s automotive milestones

Remember, remember the automotive milestones of November! The month of November has a full tank of automotive history from the founding of Chevrolet to the formation of the mother road and DriveShare is taking you along for the ride. Join us on a historical road trip back in time.

November 3, 1911 – Chevrolet founded

Automotive History
Photo by: Sicnag, Flickr

On this day in automotive history two automotive pioneers Louie Chevrolet and Billy Durant incorporated the Chevrolet Motor Company. The bow-tie brand built high-end touring cars that had a base price of $2,150, which was a lot of money at the time considering a Ford Model-T Touring was available for just $690.00.

November 11, 1926 – The U.S. Number Highway System was established

Automotive History
Photo by: Tyler B., DriveShare member

With the widespread acceptance of the automobile, American’s have become more mobile than ever. America was growing and in great need of an all-weather road to the west. The most famous of the highways, Route 66, streamlined the trip from Los Angeles to Chicago by more than 200 miles. Additionally, this brought great economic prosperity to the rural farming communities around the route. Route 66 was active from 1926 to 1985. Today, Route 66 remains a popular passage for sightseeing.

November 12, 1949 – Volkswagen Type 2 released

Automotive History
VW Transporter, Photo by: Jose H.

The 12th was a big day for Volkswagen; the follow-up to “The Peoples Car,” the Volkswagen Type 2, rolled off the assembly line at Wolfsburg, Germany. The Type 2 was a forward-controlled van that came in three variants: Transporter, Kombi, and Microbus. Like the Beetle, the Type 2 was an international success! Today the Type 2 has established itself in automotive history as the official vehicle of counterculture. 

November 14, 1914 – First Dodge released

Automotive History Dodge Brothers Roadster
1915 Dodge Brothers Roadster, photo by: GPS56; Wikipedia Commons

Two brothers John and Horrace Dodge left a successful career machining and providing vehicle parts for the Ford Motor Company to make a vehicle of their very own. On November the 14th, 1914, the first Dodge Brothers automobile, the Model 30, was assembled in Hamtramck, Michigan. With a base price of $785, the Model 30 was an early price leader in the American car market, directly undercutting the Ford Model T.

November 30, 1960 – The first Scout rolls off the assembly line

Automotive Milestones IH Scout
Photo by: Chris L., DriveShare member

International Harvester, a small truck manufacturer based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, celebrated the assembly of the first Scout on this day. The Scout was a small four-wheel-drive vehicle that was available as a pickup truck and a wagon. Its mission was to compete with Jeep’s CJ series 4x4s that had enjoyed almost no competition since the end of WWII. The Scout successfully proved the need for recreational utility vehicles for the general public. This notion later influenced Ford’s famous Bronco and SUVs as we know them today. A true 4×4 automotive milestone!

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