How to drive traffic to your DriveShare rental page

Listing your vehicle on DriveShare can be a fun way to share your car with other enthusiasts, help make someone’s special event even more memorable, or perhaps even see your vehicle featured in photos and film.  You are in control of the type of use, the terms of your rental, and can feel comfortable that we have your back with our comprehensive classic car insurance and roadside assistance coverage. Learn more.

Once your vehicle listing goes live on DriveShare, the next step is maximizing traffic to your page. Simply polishing up the car’s description and posting eye-catching photos can give your listing a jumpstart. Get the rental requests rolling in with the following tips.

How to capture your classic car

Including crisp, clear-colored photos with every vehicle listing will show viewers how desirable your car is. Listings with more photos are the most likely to grab attention. Capturing the front of the vehicle, each side of the exterior, the rear, a view of the interior and dash, and your favorite details will show your audience what you love about the car. If you can, include a few shots of your car in action. To achieve the highest quality, use a high-resolution jpeg format, no less than 1MB and up to 10MB in overall file size. Photos uploaded to the site will automatically crop to an aspect ratio of 16:9 (1200 × 675 pixels), so be sure to frame your image wide or parts of the vehicle may not be visible once cropped. 

The first photo on a DriveShare rental listing also appears as the vehicle’s main photo on the site’s search results page. Since it is the first image that the public will see, it’s crucial for it to catch the renter’s eye so they can’t resist clicking on your listing for more information. Images that show the entire vehicle from a flattering angle with a picturesque background get the most clicks.

A clean, inviting background is key to exceptional photos. Position your freshly detailed car in a picturesque environment. You want to clearly show the vehicle’s lines so prospective renters can easily see its design and condition. The perfect picture can be ruined by weeds, an overlooked paper cup or other debris. Be sure to remove anything that may adversely affect your image. 

Some classic cars look good from down low, while some are best photographed at waist height and others from above. Experiment with different angles to see what looks best. Don’t be afraid to get dirty and shoot lying flat on the ground. Consider using a stepladder to capture the car from a higher perspective. The hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset offers the best “golden hours” of light. Shoot with the sun at your back and stand far enough away to keep your shadow out of the picture. 

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Tune up your vehicle listing description

Make sure your DriveShare rental profile is fully filled out with proper spelling, grammar and punctuation in mind. The more information that interested renters can learn about your love of cars, the more inspired they will be! A full written description of the vehicle presented in each listing will give renters a glimpse into the driver’s seat that they will not be able to resist. Details can include vehicle specifications, modifications, drivability details, special features, and a brief description of the experience they will be in for if they choose your car.

To determine fair classic car rental pricing, compare your listing to similar vehicles on DriveShare. For the sake of your response rate and to avoid disappointing inquiring renters, it’s also essential to keep your availability calendar up to date with your latest weekend and holiday rates and block out any dates that you or the car will not be available.

DriveShare rental traffic tip: Make the internet work for you

Want to give your classic car the attention it deserves? A little bit of “elbow grease” online goes a long way. Chat about your DriveShare listing in car forums and online groups. Hint: Photographers and wedding or event planners could be searching for cool cars to make their client’s day extra special. You can also link your profile to an existing web page and share your listing(s) across your social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

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