Distinctive Carriage teams with DriveShare to make memories

Classic cars are the ultimate way to add that extraordinary touch to your wedding, anniversary, or any other significant day, and DriveShare gives you a platform to connect you with the proud owners of these vehicles. Distinctive Carriage, located in Southern California, was formed around the idea of bringing elegant, fun, and stylish (but affordable) transportation experiences to life’s special occasions.

Imagine walking out of your hotel room on the way to your wedding ceremony to a beautiful vintage London Taxi waiting for you just outside the door. Passersby stop to admire you dressed to the nines as you are welcomed into the car by a fashionable chauffeur. Upon arriving at your destination, friends and family gasp in awe as their jaws drop in admiration of all the beauty presented before their very eyes. Welcome to your magical day.

The chauffeurs on DriveShare are honored to be a part of such a meaningful celebration, such as John DeRoy with Distinctive Carriage.  We checked in to find out a little about a day in the life of a DriveShare chauffeur:

Q & A with John DeRoy of Distinctive Carriage

DriveShare: Weddings are often the most remembered day of someone’s life. What is it like to be involved in such a special day?

John DeRoy: It’s a lot of fun. I like to think of our service as an integral component of the customer’s wedding that should complement the theme and complete the fantasy, rather than just be a functional transportation afterthought. If we can achieve that, it’s very gratifying. Plus, I’m fairly outgoing, so I enjoy meeting the couple and anyone else involved!

DriveShare: What was a highlight that stuck out to you during your most recent rental?

John DeRoy: Mike and his wife Megan were just the nicest, coolest people. He’s a very successful, yet down-to-earth, unassuming recording artist. Their evening wedding was vintage themed, and the entire wedding party dressed correspondingly. This complemented their theme perfectly and led to some incredible photos with the car, but one exceptional highlight that stuck out was during the return trip: After the reception, they wanted to stop for a burger. The In ‘N Out on Sunset in Hollywood was open, and at midnight the parking lot was packed. We lucked out, found a parking spot, and then walked into the restaurant together. People waiting in line were going nuts over this guy in a dashing suit and his beautiful bride in her gorgeous wedding gown. We sat down in a booth, talked like we’ve been friends for years, and then I left them to enjoy their food once it was ready and took my burger out to the car. When they finished, they came out to the car, and off we went. That was my kind of wedding experience and one that will never be replicated!

DriveShare: What do you like most about DriveShare?

Distinctive Carriage: It’s a great concept, and the fact that Hagerty is behind it is very reassuring, but the one thing that I really like is their responsiveness. I get the feeling that although Hagerty may be a large company regarding the number of employees, the DriveShare division feels small and engaging. When I have a question, concern, or suggestion, I fire off an email, and they respond in a very personal way within a day or less – no canned responses. It seems that they want to partner with renters, figure out how to make the service better, and then deliver on results. It’s a neat company.

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