DriveShare’s chauffeur experience is a win-win

Weddings beget some of the most memorable moments in a couple’s life, but it can also be a stressful time. A packed schedule can pull the bride and groom every-which-way. That’s where DriveShare member Kent Morris comes in: He takes the edge off by creating an oasis where newlyweds can escape the pulls of relatives and photographers to relish their new life and each other inside a nostalgic classic car. As their chauffeur, Kent connects with them in their sweetest moment and encourages a relaxing atmosphere where couples can stare out the window, cuddle, discuss the wedding and crazy relatives, or even stop by Waffle House.

Kent says that managing a fleet of classic cars on DriveShare gives him a sense of community; “It truly feels like a family of car enthusiasts, all sharing our passion for the automobile.” Playing a significant role in celebrating someone’s monumental day is just another highlight that comes with the territory. His 1964 AMC Rambler American was a vital addition to Emily and Eduardo’s wedding day.

Love isn’t the only thing that binds Emily and Eduardo. They both have a passion for unique and distinct cars. “We’ve been serial Mini owners before we sold our vehicles, so cars with personality are always up our alley,” she said.  The couple personalized every detail with a retro vibe, from the hotel they got ready in, to the dress wear. “We wanted to make every part of our day intentional and special,” Emily explained. “The car we would ride away would be a closing memory for the day, so we knew it had to be extraordinary.” 

According to Emily, the couple had been searching high and low to find a car that matched their vision for elopement. “Every car we could find was a retro limo or an old Rolls Royce, neither of which quite fit.” She continued; “On top of that, the prices were insane. We honestly squealed with delight when we stumbled on DriveShare and found Kent. For $250 we had an incredible car that perfectly matched our vision for the day, and we had the kindest, most wonderful driver to share it with.”

“I was involved in their wedding from the beginning when I picked up Eduardo from the tailor shop,” Kent reminisced. “From there, I took him to the hotel where I met his family, and then drove him to the wedding venue. I stayed with them during the reception and took the couple away with a ‘Just Married’ sign and tin cans tied to the car en route to their retreat.”

“Driving away in Kent’s rambler with the cans rattling in the back is honestly the most fun memory I have of the day,” Emily gushed. “Folks were honking all around us while on the road and Kent was such a great sport.”

While Emily and Eduardo will undoubtedly savor the memories from their wedding day for the rest of their lives, Kent also shared in their happiness. We call that a win-win experience.

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